Afghon… the fancy way to say it : Episode 47

Podcast 47

Mojo/No Mojo:
Fiber Pouch

NK hearts Ron hat– WIP for detention

Bacon!– For Quidditch

Featherweight Cardigan – WIP for Detention

Apple Cozy – Quidditch

Baby Bib
My Hope (broom)
Ood – for ood along.
Madi’s Tomten

traveling afghan

Natalia’s Sweater~ Order Mission out of ASC club colorway Violets in the rain.

Dishcloths – Flying & Muggle Studies

Dark and Stormy Cardigan – OWL

Blanket Squares – Phoenix Project

To spin or not to spin: where we talk about spinning
NEWT 50% is turned in

Jessica: none 😦

Laceweight Spindle – Merino/Silk/Bamboo (not sure on a class)

second one finished!

Sewing: talking about sewing
Allena: sewing like crazy! here and here
sewing space

making 10 tote bags…

Amanda:  Started Week 5 C25K. Freakin’ cold. 5k Run on the 27th
Allena- still in my funk worked out 2 times cardio kniting
Jessica- still on week 2 of c25k.

The Questions:
1.       When did you start reading the HP books. (audio books included)
2.       What book is your fave and why?
3.       How’d you find the HPKCHC?
4.       What is your role in HPKCHC if you have one?
5.      How’d you find us. The Weasley Sisters Podcast?
6.       How’d you get into WROCK and do you have a fave group?


The fiber of the month for September  “night sky

night sky

from pancake and lulu etsy store

Jessica: fiber from SFA

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Wrock Song:  

Lovegood by The Misuse Of Muggle Artifacts Office

Notes: The Weasley Sisters podcast GROUP!


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