Ood Along. AKA The Planning Podcast. Episode 46

Podcast 46

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Note: all classes are now requiring a standard header… one we’ve used before:
Yardage: (optional, but you’re not eligible for yardage bonuses without it!)
Project Page: (optional, a project page does not make up for missing information in your turn-in)


  • October 31: 75% benchmark for 100pts
  • November 30: 100% final benchmark 200pts


  • October 15th: deadline for any proposal changes
  • October 31st: deadline for submission of OWLs at 50%
  • November 30th: deadline for submission of completed OWLs.


  • September 30: Order Commander will say “Go!” You may begin crafting.
  • November 11: Players may begin to hand in completed Missions!
  • November 25: Last day to hand in completed Missions! No sumissions after 11:59:59 Pacific Standard Time!


  • September 30-October 6–Challenge 2: Sports Nutrition
  • October 10-October 26– Game 2: Endurance competition
  • November 3-10– Challenge 3: Hats time trials
  • November 14-29– Game 3: Cross-training
  • November 30: Final video presentation from all houses due.
  • November 30: 11:59:59 PM, Quidditch whistle will be blown, ending game for the term.

Ancient Runes:  code runes

Before you head out to engage in Hallowe’en mischief, we ask you to consider these runes and pursue one of the following further forms of study:

  • Craft an object that contains a secret message, using these numbers or runic symbols.
  • Craft something inspired by the shape or meaning of a rune.
  • Consider the mystery of 7. What could it be, and why does it represent the number 7?

Allena~ ood
Jessica~Ood Along! 

Check out our Ood Along thread! Join us!

Charms-  Dissallusionment charms
Option 1: Create a disguise for yourself or someone else.
Option 2: Dye some yarn in a colorway that would allow the yarn to blend in with a spot in your environment. For this option, photo the skein alone and photo it in the environment it is meant to blend with.
Option 3: Spinners disillusion some fiber by spinning it to blend with something in your stash by matching the weight, color, or ply style of a yarn you already have, or a fiber you have already spun.
Please note, we will accept non-Rav crafts this month with professor pre-approval. It has been determined that sewing will be accepted so there is no need to pre-propose a sewing project.

Jessica~  sew tote bags?!
Allena-  spin or slippers

DADA-   Glumbumble
This term we would like you to show a satisfactory knowledge of the Glumbumble by crafting an item that fits its description.

  1. Craft an item that works well as one thing, but is harmful as something else. i.e. these fingerless mitts are wonderful for keeping my hands warm in the office, but do nothing for my fingers in the winter.

  2. Craft something that would make its habitat in a dark and secluded place.

  3. Craft your interpretation of the Glumbumble and explain.

Jessica-   brimmed hat for Trevor

Flying –  Magic Carpets
Option 1: Study at Hogwarts and hide your Magic Carpet: Craft something that resembles a carpet. This could be anything from a scarf, or rectangular shawl, to a table runner or iPod cozy. Spinners, perhaps you’d prefer to unravel your rug? (meaning a spin,not a frog)
Option 2: Take the Portkey: Craft yourself a portkey inspired by the country you’ll be visiting for your Flying lesson. You’re not restricted to countries that traditionally have rugs like these. Explain your inspiration briefly.

Allena~ spin or carpet bag (felted)
Jessica~  Spin anything… 😀

Herbology-  Wand Cores
Option 1: Crazy core/plant hybrids! Wrap a magical plant or fungus around a magical core. (Ex. grow a flaming cactus with a phoenix feather, glittery unicorn roses or spin flamboyant dragon vines.)
Option 2: Cozy, from-the-core crafting! Further develop a skill familiar to you or craft something that is a ‘go-to’. (Ex. beanie hats, spin a favorite fiber, or method of dyeing). If your project/queue/stash pages are crawling with it, it should work nicely here.

In summary, this month you may wrap a magical plant or fungus around a magic core or craft something you are familiar with. Don’t forget to explain how your project fits the option (Ex. Option 1 – name the hybrid components – plant & core). Literal core spinning works for both options. WIPs may be taken to detention, and most importantly, professors may not be held responsible for exploding wands.

Jessica~  spin fractal!
Allena~  spin

History of Magic-   Faries
Option 1: Stay vigilant! Learn to recognize the local Seelie or UnSeelie Fae. Craft an item to represent your ability to recognize them in all their exquisite glamour or freakish glory.
Option 2: Hit the library! The scholarly record of the Fae may be meager, but we suspect their presence in “fictional” literature may be much more pronounced. Search for evidence of fairies or Fae in popular literature from medieval to modern times. Share your findings with the class and craft something to represent your research. (Please though, when it comes to novels, no spoilers! That would be like a nasty faery trick!)

All Rav crafts, as well as fabric sewing and quilting, will be accepted. Crafting guidelines for fabric sewing and quilting can be found in post #1

Jessica- Sew tote bags?!

Muggle Studies-   Dogs
Option 1: Craft a dog: either a toy dog, or an item which depicts a dog.
Option 2: Craft with dog hair. Spin or dye yarn from fiber that’s at least 25% dog hair, or knit/crochet something from that yarn.
Option 3: Craft something a Muggle would need to take care of a pet dog. Some examples are a bed, a collar, or a dog sweater.
Option 4: Craft something as seen from a dog’s point of view. To take one example, dogs can see only two colors, blue and yellow, so you could craft something using those colors. If you choose this option, you may knit, crochet, spin, or dye, but you MUST explain why your item fits the prompt. Sell it! You may wish to enlist a dog to narrate your homework post, or to visit the library to learn more about dogs.


Potions-  Skele-Gro
Your task for this class is to study and replicate the Skele-gro potion in one of the following ways:
1) “Notably slow and painful” – use a technique that is considered slow and sometimes painful to craft an item; eg double knitting, etc
2) Bones – it’s all about the bones, grow some bones
3) Smoky and burns going down – craft something to represent the smoke issuing from the cup, and/or the burn as you swallow.

Allena~ jack skellington? skull socks?


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