Crazy With Myself Episode 44

podcast 44

Mojo/No Mojo:  

Snape potterpuff
Lupin Potterpuff 

critter crawl monster

Gabe’s monster



Baby Bib 

Baby Sweater

Chloe’s Wallaby
OWL, warped my first scarf

To spin or not to spin:


got  started on my NEWT is still being carded currently

Exploding Tardis

251 yards 13 WPI.

SFA~ Salazar, BFL–bfl

SFA~ Chamber of Secrets, SWmerino/tencel, singles are done.–sw-merino-tensel
plying that with,
YY~ PS. The forest is facinating, starting to spin tonight.


Allena: sewed a few mini bags..  
I got a Serger. Viking H Class 200s
After taping NOTE: no need to ask if you’re making something in the list in the FAQ for DADA

Jessica, made a project bag for Slytherin prize for SnS. shipped!


Jessica started the C25K, did 4 days this week!


Allena got 2 bags of alpaca wool from a local farm.  
went to mountian craft days
got some locally roasted coffee. it rocks!

Jessica shipped out batts for our contest winner! yay finally….  ;D

 If you’d like to come on the show we’d love to have you just contact us and we’ll work something out. Or if you’d like to sponsor us for a month please contact us.


The Weasley Sisters podcast GROUP!


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