Nerd Facts and Words of Wisdom Episode 43

podcast 43

Planning Podcast:

Note: all classes are now requiring a standard header… one we’ve used before:

Yardage: (optional, but you’re not eligible for yardage bonuses without it!)
Project Page: (optional, a project page does not make up for missing information in your turn-in)


  • 1st – 31st September: OWL proposals may be submitted. OWLs should only be started after they are approved by the relevant examiner.
  • October 15th: deadline for any proposal changes
  • October 31st: deadline for submission of OWLs at 50%
  • November 30th: deadline for submission of completed OWLs.

OOtP: The dates of notice.
September 1-8: Think over your willingness to take on a mission, given the jobs we are planning to do.
September 9 through 23: Basic Requests for an Official Order Mission will be accepted. Reveal only enough for clear communication! Mission Chiefs will reply that your BROOM needs adjustment or is acceptable as quickly as they can.
September 30: Order Commander will say “Go!” You may begin crafting.
November 11: Players may begin to hand in completed Missions!
November 25: Last day to hand in completed Missions! No sumissions after 11:59:59 Pacific Standard Time!

September 1-7–Challenge 1: Warm Up Stretches
September 7th: House Captains must submit their team rosters to this Quidditch thread before 11:59 PM.
September 10: Deadline for Beaters to design and share a copy of their House Quidditch robes for this season.
September 12-25–Game 1 : Letter in a sport
September 30-October 6–Challenge 2: Sports Nutrition
October 10-October 26– Game 2: Endurance competition
November 3-10– Challenge 3: Hats time trials
November 14-29– Game 3: Cross-training
November 30: Final video presentation from all houses due.
November 30: 11:59:59 PM, Quidditch whistle will be blown, ending game for the term.

Ancient Runes: Futharks
Your assignment this month is to study and craft an item, spin, or dye yarn inspired by the runes themselves, by the Norse & Germanic cultures from which they arose, or inspired by your own heritage. Be sure to share a summary of your research and explain how it is reflected in your class project.

Charms– Meteolojinx Recanto
Option 1: Craft something that will protect you from extreme weather; snow, cold, heat, sun exposure, rain, tsunami or any other meteorological event you may encounter.
Option 2: Dye or spin some yarn in a colorway that reflects a meteorological event. Stormy skies, freezing rain, you get the idea.

Jessica~  spin
Allena- spin exploding tardis

DADA–  WPS device – Wizard Positioning System

  1. Craft things to track the location of friends & foes. For example: luggage tags, things with an actual map on them, brightly colored and/or distinctively patterned hats to help find a friend in a crowd, or dye/spin brightly colored yarn that is easy to spot in your stash.

Tracking people is highly advanced magic so if this is your first attempt, start by tracking inanimate objects; it’s easier because they move around less. Craft something that will enable you to keep track of your stuff to keep your things safe and sound. Non-Ravelry crafts will be accepted with prior approval.

Allena- sew some project bags

Jessica-   project bag?! or spin

Flying – Test what you’ve retained over the summer
Option 1: Jump through hoops! Flying through hoops will show off your mad flying skills and get you to the finish, but may not get you to the end the fastest. Craft something with bobbles, or something circular/round. Spin or dye self-striping yarn that would make rings when crafted (knitting/crocheting your yarn is not required).
Option 2: A. Get to the point! Using the Point Me spell, point yourself to the end of the course by the shortest route. Craft something with a point. (for ease of definition, we’re calling a point the area where two lines meet. A corner of a project, or even a blocked point would do)
B. Point Me (advanced application): Pull out your maps and lead a group of your peers to reach the goal. Design a pattern and put it on Ravelry. (For those of you submitting to a publication, you may submit to your grading professor via pm) Finished Objects crafted by you will be required for the turn in.

Allena~ reducio mini’s or dyeing
Jessica~ my monster!

Herbology- Wand Wood
Option 1: Craft! Describe how the process or completed item is similar to the wand wood you studied. This option leaves you plenty of room for creative license.
Option 2: Show & tell! Declare your tree of study and display all the wonderful qualities it possesses. Items falling under this option may have tree-related nomenclature such as Sycamore, Ash, or Holly; tree-inspired shaping or color from any growth stage or season; or even the fruit of those fruit-bearing wand wood trees, indicating a look to the future and what it may hold.

History of Magic–  A play The Fountain of Fair Fortune  from  Beedle the Bard
Option 1: Audition for a role! Please craft an item to bring to your audition which demonstrates your understanding of the character you wish to portray. This could be a garment or any other item that helps you with your “motivation.”
Option 2: Special effects! We’re planning to enchant the stage with special effects, just like in the earlier production, but we need ideas! Craft something to represent your planned contribution to the magical special effects and set design crew and let us know what your enchantments will do.
Option 3: Script and historical authenticity checking! While any stage production needs to take some liberties, we’d like to keep the basic story as authentic as possible. We need students willing to learn the text in detail! Please craft an item to represent your strong understanding of any part of the original text.
All Rav crafts, as well as fabric sewing and quilting, will be accepted! see 1st post for FAQ

Muggle Studies–  What would a muggle child bring to school vs a wizarding child?
Option 1 – Craft something that you will need to help you during your new term at Hogwarts and tell us what would be the muggle equivalent?
Spin up an endless shoelace and tell us what a muggle student would do if their laces broke. Use your potions skills to dye some fiber that helps you sleep at night when placed under your pillow and explain how muggle students fall asleep when they just cannot stop thinking of that test in the morning. Been eyeing a fuzzy quill cozy? Craft it up and tell us what muggles use to keep their form of quills cozy.
Option 2 – Craft a muggle school supply that you can use during the new term here at Hogwarts.

Potions– Silly or Foolish wandwaving
Craft something so silly or foolish that it would annoy any witch or wizard without a great sense of humor. Or make something that seems like it would be silly or foolish, but make it so amazingly awesome that they have to acknowledge that silly and foolish can be great too.
For spinners, spin unconventional yarn – thick and thin, art yarn, yarn with lots of extra “stuff” in it, etc. Don’t let this little list hold back your creativity and don’t worry about asking permission for specifics. Think of handspun yarn that looks like it could have been machine-made, then do the opposite!
For dyers, dye in a silly, foolish or otherwise unconventional way. Be sure to follow the standards for turning in dyeing as set in the Project Standards

Mojo/No Mojo:  this is where our FO’s go along with other things that inspire us.
Murtlap scarf

murtlap scarf

Truban’s 2nd Wallaby
Truban's wallaby

Allena: reducio snape potterpuff 


hermione hat~ hibernating

To spin or not to spin:
got started on my NEWT is being carded currently

LIncoln border leister  10WPI
lincoln/border leister

SFA, Deep Sea
deap sea
need to make a batt for our contest winner.

Allena: made a mini box bag for notions…
Jessica, need to make a project bag for a prize.
Made the kids some seat belt covers
seat belt covers


Allena won!

Book Allena’s reading : Before I Go to Sleep

If you’d like to come on the show we’d love to have you just contact us and we’ll work something out. Or if you’d like to sponsor us for a month please contact us.


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