Not Very Plannie Episode 30

Podcast 30

Planning Podcast!

 Charms- Confundo 
Option 1: Create an item that is mixed up or jumbled together. Something made of multiple (at least three) pieces, parts, or colors that seemed bewildering when you first looked at it. Or craft with “non-yarn” substances. Spinners, try using multiple fibers. Dyers, try some variegated dyes that seem jumbled together or perplexing in your choices.
Option 2: Craft something that is meant to perplex, confuse, or deceive another person as to who you really are. Are you a Gryffindor, but make a scarf in Ravenclaw colors? Does everyone know you dislike oh i arachnids, but you create a little amigurumi spider to grace your desk?
Option 3: Confund the Goblet of Fire. Invent a fictional wizarding school and craft something in its colors or something inspired by its mascot.
Jessica~ felted laptop bag?! stash buster… lots of colors… 
Allena- Crosswired socks (preparation for TDS) in ravenclaw colors. 

CoMC- Abraxan and Thestrals 
Option 1: Create a project using or spinning the workhorse yarn worsted weight.(9-11 WPI)
Option 2: Show that Thestrals aren’t bad omens, by making a comfort gift for someone experiencing a loss or big change in their life.
Option 3: Craft a project inspired by the Abraxan or Thestral.
Option 4: To practice the required disillusionment charms create an object that has a secret nature.
Jessica~ Spin worsted yarn 
Allena~ Spin worsted yarn

 DADA- Sneakoscopes 
Option 1: Be sneaky! Cause our sneakoscopes to light up. Craft something using one Ravelry sanctioned craft that resembles a different craft. For example, use Tunisian crochet to create a fabric that appears knitted, or linen stitch to create something that looks woven, or chain ply your spinning to create a plied yarn that looks space dyed, etc.
Option 2: Create your own sneakoscope or representation of one. Spinners and dyers may spin or dye a yarn that represents the color(s) of their sneakoscope when it lights up.
Option 3: Harry kept his sneakoscope in one of Uncle Vernon’s manky old socks. Make a more pleasant container for your sneakoscope. If you want to keep yours in a sock, remember the rules about socks and mittens and other things that come in pairs (you must turn in two of them)
Allena- dye?
 Jessica- spin sock yarn?! or maybe dye   

Flying – Broomsticks 
Option 1: Knit, crochet, spin, dye or weave something that you have never tried before, or previously tried and failed, because you were/are afraid of the technique. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to try spinning yarn but are terrified that you’ll never make it work. Or maybe you tried making a stranded colorwork hat, but you held the yarn way too tight and now it might fit a baby, but not the adult it was intended for.
Option 2: Craft an item that represents a fear of yours. What’s that, you are deathly terrified of monsters you say? Well maybe a monster chunk will help you to see that they really aren’t scary at all, but rather cute and cuddly!
Option 3: Craft an item made with broomstick lace to help you get to know your broom a little better. Here are a couple of examples to help you with ideas broomstick lace scarf or broomstick lace neck warmer.

Herbology-Garden Pests.
1: Craft an item inspired by knarls or hedgehogs (think spiky!)
2: Craft an item inspired by streeler venom (think firey, acid, poisonous!)
3: Craft an item inspired by gnomes (think slingshot, or even ferret!)
Jessica~ Gnome (KAL for my nest)
Allena~ maybe I’ll–teeny-tomte

History of Magic- The Quibbler
Option 1: Craft something FABULOUS to wear to a record company soiree to help you research Sirius Black’s alleged recording career.
Option 2: Investigate any past Quibbler article and craft something to represent your research.
Option 3: Think you’ve stumbled onto a scoop that might make a good article for upcoming issue of The Quibbler? Craft something to represent your findings and share your expose with the class!
Jessica~ Something Fabulous ?(KAL for my nest) 

Muggle Studies
Craft a Ravelry approved project using a new-to-you technique.
Jessica~ weave a scarf if i get a loom ;P

“We expect great things this term
and hard work will be rewarded,
but first you must prove to us
the knowledge you have hoarded.
What you see before you is this;
When one does not know what it is, then it is something;
but when one knows what it is, then it is nothing.
You know the deal, but here’s the gist –
Craft your representation and explain.
Potions is more than about mixing from a list,
we need to know you use your Left Brain.
Allena- Shayla Myst’s test crochet scarf. (green in color like the bottles of potion) 

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