I’m not that conceited…… am I? episode 22

This month we’re sponsored by Alina Shea Creations!

Mojo/No Mojo-
 Sent of the Knit Pray Love hats. I made 2 and got 2 friends to send one, and Madi made 2. silly me didn’t photograph it. 
 Crock Sock Test Knit http://www.ravelry.com/projects/StarKnits/crock-socks-test-knit 

 Joe’s dickey- HERBOLOGY http://www.ravelry.com/projects/naturallyknitty/basic-neckwarmer 

Sent out my hats to knit pray love… 4 total, but only knit one this month, the others were some i had around. 

Mini socks. 1 is done, needs to be sewn and a mate. http://www.ravelry.com/projects/StarKnits/reducio-self-striping-socks

OOTP- http://www.ravelry.com/projects/StarKnits/hitchhiker (25 points) 
 Mini monster using handspun (fwooper poop) http://www.ravelry.com/projects/StarKnits/albert-the-absent-minded-monster 
 OWL- dyed reworking chart. http://www.flickr.com/photos/starknits/6882350103/in/photostream 

NEWT knitting: 
           Gryffindor socks~ past the heels! woo! http://www.ravelry.com/projects/naturallyknitty/wendys-fingering-weight-toe-up-socks-with-gusset-heel-2 
Hitchhiker- OoTP http://www.ravelry.com/projects/naturallyknitty/hitchhiker 

This month we’re sponsored by Alina Shea Creations. 



Just for us a coupon code for free shipping in the US has been activated through the end of February. Touring2012 Stock up on some yarn for the upcoming tour de sock!

 To spin or not to spin-
for COMC
for HOM http://www.ravelry.com/people/StarKnits/stash/combed-top-4 

SIP~ holyhead harpies COMC (little more than half of the singles are done… ) 

SIP~ Leah’s roving for leg warmers MUGGLE STUDIES (almost done with the singles) 

  Refocus: where are we at with class projects, NEWT/OWL/OOTP etc. 

  If you’d like to sponsor us please contact SK or NK. Or if you’d like to come on the show we’d love to have you just contact us and we’ll work something out. 

 Wrock Song:
 Goodbye Privet Drive by Ministry of Magic http://www.myspace.com/ministryofmagicmusic/music/songs/goodbye-privet-drive-27593381 

  the weasley sisters podcast thread http://www.ravelry.com/discuss/the-seventh-floor/1705207 

 tour de sock 

 Tiny spindle from Threads thru Time http://www.etsy.com/shop/Threadsthrutime 


 Shaun T’s Miracle 15-Minute Workout http://www.doctoroz.com/videos/shaun-ts-miracle-15-minute-workout


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