the one with the review… Episode 18

Mojo/No Mojo-
Allena: COMC Duel with piperredfern green legwarmers buttons sewed and photo’d 

 Baby Tomten 

Jessica: none 

Allena: Owl
NEWT knitting:
        * finished Leah’s and Chloe’s stocking!
        * Lemon Drop socks just need ribbing and then I’m at 50%!!! 
Started Chloe’s legwarmers. I’ll be turning them and the spinning in with my dye project for Arithmancy. I OKed it with the professors. 

 To spin or not to spin-
 SIP- PS the forest is fascinating
 SIP~ Optimism~ merino from Younger Yarns, spinning a bit each day on the sidekick (to fulfill my spin every day this year goal) 

Knit Simple Winter 2011′

 Wrock Song: 

 Voldemort Killed the Hufflepuff Star. by KwikSpell 

the weasley sisters podcast thread
…. knit one hat… we are challenging you!!!


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