Where’s Joe? Episode 17

Mojo/No Mojo- 
COMC Duel with piperredfern green legwarmers just need to dry 

 Jessica: none… all spinning this week.


Allena:Owl approved!
 Baby tomten = gift for sunday….

still working on the NEWT~Leah’s stocking, Lemon Drop socks are getting close to being done! 

To spin or not to spin- 

 SIP- PS the forest is fascinating. 

Ordered this month’s PS. and photo’d all my new spinning stash and put it in ravelry 

Targhee Pacasha’s club fiber 690yds, 2ply MUGGLE STUDIES

SW merino, fiber optic yarns, Sweet Georgia Brown…468yds, Nply CHARMS 

SW merino, dyed by me… 269yds, 2ply ?(Q or Charms also) 

here it is as roving…

Wrock Song:
they can’t catch us all by The Weasel King 


Our new wheels!… we talk about/review them a bit..

Kromski Sonata

Schacht Sidekick


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