Plotting and Focus Christmas Episode 13! ….

Mojo/No Mojo-
 the knitterly: 
Lion sweater  
Traveling scarf section  
1 more star 

Bag for niece 
American Girl Doll Bedding  

star ornaments! finished another! (2 total) 

 another scarf section 
 man socks are packed 
cathy’s socks are also packed 
amigurumi is packed as well 
 debating if I should pack the tomten

 Sewing- I found a Christmas blanket I am trying to finish it this week before we leave 

NEWT!!! (6 Christmas stockings, 2 handspun socks) ~ started with Gabes’ 

Started some socks for my NEWT. using this yarn:  
Dishcloth for teacher gifts… need to be done by… Thursday! (have 2.3 done… need 4) 


 To spin or not to spin-
none.. but i’m planning on bring some unprocessed wool to play with Jessica’s drum carder and plotting my OWL. 

 started spinning some fiber from Pacasha, blue and white… planning on it being for detention 🙂 

  We’re sponsored this month by Younger Yarn A wonderful etsy shop full of yarn and unique wool roving inspired by her favorite things or favorite characters. Her yarn ranges from light fingering to sport weight, in various fiber contents. She has a wide selection of various combed top roving and now there’s even some beautiful batts in her shop! She hopes to inspire you too, stop by to find your own favorite to be delivered to your door. 

 Focus on planning – Advanced Studies! Be realistic but lets get thinking NEWTS, OWLs and OoTP!

Jessica ~
I want to go through and photograph all my fiber and get it into my rav, stash page… so i know what i have! anyone with me?!

 Wrock Song:
 Swish and Flick – Malfoy for Christmas 

on youtube
buy it on amazon


Cranberries in the Snow… cookies in a jar, for Teacher gifts!


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