the one with Pacasha! Episode 12

Mojo/No Mojo- 
kinda a wip but I finished 1 of each pattern. I plan to make more.
star-in-a-star ornament

traveling scarf section! (not putting  a pic/link up for surprise reasons!)

hexipuffs, no picture; 

I want to resurect this sweater and finish it by the Knit and Crochet show in Pittsburgh in Feb 
baby sweater

ornaments, one is done i plan on making 2… 
Mudslide socks, (TdS #6)did a bit on the plane 

present for Mark
hat with ASC handspun: 
traveling scarf- no picture 

To spin or not to spin- 

nothing but I’m dreaming of my wheel. got my christmas present 1st shipment today. (roving club from pancake and lulu on etsy  I peeked.. 

 Jessica: meh… i want to spin. (and i totally did after we podcasted, some fiber that Pacasha sent me!)

next month’s fiber, Morandia’s 

finished up a 3 ply using one ply club fiber (herbology) 

 Sponsored by Younger Yarn!

A wonderful etsy shop full of yarn and unique wool roving inspired by her favorite things or favorite characters. Her yarn ranges from light fingering to sport weight, in various fiber contents. She has a wide selection of various combed top roving and now there’s even some beautiful batts in her shop! She hopes to inspire you too, stop by to find your own favorite to be delivered to your door. 

this is the contest yarn…. listen to find out if you won it!!!

yay for Allena!

 Questions: for Pacasha!
1. When did you start reading the HP books. (audio books included) 2. What book is your fave and why? 3. How’d you find the HPKCHC? 4. What is your Roll in HPKCHC? 5. How’d you get into WROCK and do you have a fave group? 
Shop Questions 1. How’d you start? 2. can you share your dyeing process or is that secret? 3. what does a typical week of work look like for you? 4. what’s this new special thing you have with Shayla Myst’s Alina Shea? (the yarn/roving called P.S.) 5. what’s your favorite base to work with? 6. how do you come up with the names or is that part of the inspiration? 

Q’s from our listeners... is she a LotR fan and if so, who’s her favorite hobbit? Oh and I’d like to know who her favorite Dr Who companion is and why!  I want to know where she gets her fiber? and what is her favorite dye method? also, does she have a crapton of extra fiber in her basement? “what’s your favorite animal? do you have any pets?” how she feels about the usage of skiving snackboxes and other Weasley paraphernalia. Where she stand on House Elf rights? Or if she can give us hints on upcoming things she’d like to do? What’s your favorite number?! 
find out the answers by listening to the podcast! 

Wrock Song 
 Oh Christmas Tree by Big Whompy  – lyrics 

Other Links:

Jessica’s CO yarn shop crawl!: ~ like 4 levels… very cute 🙂 ~ way cool… lots of fiber! bought some bfl and sock yarn… ~ HUGE~! ~ giant sock monkey in there… too fun! super cute shop! got some square needles here and some sock yarn! awesome shop… tons of malibrigo… and some fiber. I got Lorna’s Laces fiber from here.

I missed about 4 shops… but it’s ok. how many shops can you hit in one day anyways?!

here’s a few  pics of my loot!

and now i can give away the sock yarn…. ;P

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