The Word of the Day is….. Episode 11

Mojo/No Mojo


DADA – Mini sock – they come in pairs you know!
Muggle Studdies – Not so giant squid and WIP  bag for Reducio Swap
Potions Dahlia given as a gift for the Gryffie swap!


Owl – Love those mittens!
OOTP  – Gabe’s bloody wallaby!

Arm warmers – totally cool and they are a wand holder!


Magarthea using younger yarn’s  sleek string 


socks (tds #6) (no link)

To Spin or Not to Spin

Potions Owlspun up 4.44 oz of the fiber and got 2 skeins at 9WPI a total of 149.11 yards.
The Knit Girllls SAL/KAL 358.19 yards at 15 WPI (fingering)


?! tkg KAL…. 
Other stuff:

We’ll be interviewing Pacasha later this month if you have any questions you’d like us to ask her please feel free to PM or leave them in the podcast thread.
A contest sort of… 
If you want to win the awesome yarn Jessica got from Pacasha you need to respond. There should be 17 people responding in the podcast thread by the 15th of Dec to win. There is a code word that needs to be used. Listen to find out what it is.  

Other Links:
Hitchhiker trilogy of patterns
monster book of monsters 
the stuff we talked about from amazon. 

Wrock Song
I Open at the Close by The Sorting Hat

This month we’re sponsored by Younger Yarn  
Go visit the shop to take home your favorite yarn, roving or batt!



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