MINI cast #1 Planning… Episode #8

November Planning! 

OOTP-Madi’s Tomten(A) Gabe’s Wallaby(J)
OWL– card and spin(A) Leah’s mitten/charity mittens(J)
HM Challenge -Toothless (A &J)

Charms– Lion Sweater part 2(A) Socks (J)
Astronomy– Spring Leaves(A) Fizzi(J)
COMC-Spidey hat(A)
Muggle Studies– reducio swap project (A) Socks(J)
Divination– Staff swap project(A) Dye roving (J)
Potions– gryffie swap project(A) Socks(J)
DADA– Spin yarn(J)

KAL winner(s)!
Since it was so close we decided to use both Spring leaves and Fizzi! If you  want to partner up let us know and we can turn it in for Astronomy together!

Wrock song-
Expelliarmus Kid by Peeved

Sponsored by Alina Shea Creations

 Psst! there is still time to enter the contest…..


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