Grilling Lupingirl… episode 7

This month we’re sponsored by Alina Shea Creations

Joined by our co-host becca aka Lupingirl!

Mojo/No Mojo- 
Stripey Scarf ~DADA
 Girly Baby ~ mug stud
Baby Brim~ COMC
Nylon Scrubbies~ Potions

TdS #2 socks ~ CoMC
Tds#3 ~ Ancient Runes
Trubie’s mitens ~OWL
Chloe’s mittens ~OWL

bright vincas

Rememberall socks

Jekyll and hyde socks

Tomten– OOTP
Man Socks
Cathy’s Socks

Q yule ball balls
 Gabe’s wallaby, aka my BROOM
OWL mittens~ Leah’s mittens, charity mittens

Hedwig (big snowy owl)
Q ball ornaments
Dragons breath socks
trick-or-treat bag,   pattern page

To spin or not to spin- 
Gradient or no?
TransfigUntempered Schism 311.8 yds (2ply) 15WPI
Owl – Carding it up

Gradient yarn

Sponsored by Alina Shea Creations! 

Remember you have to listen to hear the coupon!
(club members, as always, get an additional 10% off orders reimbursed through paypal)

Contest: A Chance to win a Hogwarts is home kit. how to enter. Go to Alina Shea ( on etsy (or and come back to our podcast thread and share a link of what your fave item is. for a 2nd entry FB AlinaShea’s website or tweet it or any other social media and tell us about it in our thread.

We’re going to put a poll in the thread for voting on a KAL… to get Allena to knit lace/shawl and use up some of that sock yarn. Go vote HERE in our podcast thread!!!

Wrock Song!
Run Free by Marked as his Equal.

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